A Musical Injection: How a young form of therapy can change the future of rehabilitation

Make way for Neurologic Music Therapy, a fairly young form of Music Therapy that’s blossoming in the clinical world. Music Therapists Brian Harris & Jeniris Gonzalez help paint a picture of NMT and its future. 

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Album Review: The Revolution is Never Coming

The first time I saw The Red Paintings, they opened for Birthday Massacre and New Years Day. I was there for Birthday Massacre but the focus should have been on TRP. They blew my mind from the first song. My friends and I even bought the album the same night and left halfway through the headliner’s set, bickering about TRP and their bizarre sound. On a side note, this is more of an ‘experience’ review than an album review. Everything about that show was unforgettable. Continue reading “Album Review: The Revolution is Never Coming”

Stage Diving: Fight or Flight

“We went to see Die Antwoord in June. There was this one point where Ninja makes a run at the crowd a couple times to fake them out and then he actually jumps,” says Joelle Wagner a 23-year-old bassoon player for Epistasis, a classically influenced doom metal band. Wagner describes a moment when one the artists leaps into the crowd and lands on her friend’s head as she propels the artist back onto the stage. At a rap-rave show like Die Antewoord, which took place this past June at the House of Blues in Boston, stage diving and crowd surfing can prove dangerous when there’s no room to breath. “That show wasn’t so much moshing as it was smothering,” says Wagner.

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Album Review: Common Courtesy

This article was originally published on Five Cent Sound‘s blog in October 2013. 

“This right here is living fucking proof, if you care about what you do with your life, and you do it for the right reasons, absolutely nothing can stop you from getting where you want to be.” Jeremy McKinnon, front man of alternative band A Day To Remember (ADTR) reflects on the difficult release of their latest album, Common Courtesy as Sterling Heights, MI concertgoers scream their approval.

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Liars: Peculiar Punk

There are plenty of peculiar bands (and songs) gracing the music industry these days. And those tunes are taking up precious gigabytes in your iTunes. I’m looking at Threebrain, or “Ma Ya Hi” from O-zone, or Weird Al. Those songs that you pull out at parties and social gatherings but never return to later because they’re embarrassing. There’s no point to it besides the entertainment factor.

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Melissa Johnston: Living in a Corn Field

Melissa Nicole Johnston sits at the back of Pavement Coffeehouse around the corner from Berklee College of Music. She’s engrossed in her laptop, not even raising her head until I set my coat down. She wears minimalistic rings and her necklace jingles when she turns, offering her undivided attention.

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Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival

“I think I’m starting to like Boston,” said Meshell Ndegeocello, singer/songwriter feature at the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival. The crowd applauded and rattled their tambourines. Her smooth lyrics and melodic voice lured festivalgoers to the Natixis Stage to relax after an afternoon of buoyant, interactive fun.

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